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Videowest is best known for creating a new genre of video journalism, widely acclaimed as a "worldview from the rock generation."


From 1978 to 1984, we produced hundreds of TV magazine shows and music videos: Backstage Pass, Best of Videowest, Rock On, Take Off and more. These award-winning series were released on broadcast and cable outlets like ABC, BBC, Disney, MTV, Showtime, USA and public TV.

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Videowest interviewed hundreds of musicians, artists and popular culture luminaries.  

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Music Videos

Videowest produced music videos featuring the rising stars of punk, new wave & avant-guard culture.

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Videowest created fun, wacky & outrageous videos, from commercial parodies to entire musical comedy shows.

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Man on the Street

Videowest hit the streets to feel the pulse of the culture, led by irreverent newsman Scoop Nisker.

Stock Footage

Add our vintage footage to your next video project. Hundreds of Videowest stock footage clips are available from our fine distributors. Please email us if you have questions about licensing our footage.

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