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Videowest started as a grassroots movement, with thousands of young volunteers joining forces to create "television for the rest of us." Founder Fabrice Florin spearheaded that community as a labor of love, inviting viewers to help produce the weekly shows. He was joined by Lee 

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Callister, Joe Dea, Wes Dorman, Jeff Nemerovski, Erik Nelson, Michael Branton and hundreds of regular contributors, leading to many successful careers in the film and TV industry.  

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An independent TV studio based in San Francisco, California, Videowest created a new genre of video journalism in the early eighties, widely acclaimed as a "worldview from the rock generation."

Today, a small group of people are keeping the flame alive. Here are a few of our regular Videowest team members.


Fabrice Florin 

Lee Callister 

Joe Dea 

Juanita Diana 

Wes Dorman 

B.J. Martin 

Evelyn Messinger 

Besty Miller 

Erik Nelson 

Jeff Nemerovski 



Stock Footage

Videowest Productions on Harrison St

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Add our vintage footage to your next video project. Hundreds of Videowest stock footage clips are available from our fine distributors. Please email us if you have questions about licensing our footage.

Videowest Productions at 735 Harrison Street

This site was created by these gracious contributors: Lee Callister, Joe Dea, Fabrice Florin, etc.

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