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Darryl Henriques


Darryl Henriques is an actor and comedian, known for his roles in Jumanji (1995), Star Trek VI (1991) and No Way Out (1987). In the seventies and early eighties, he was regular contributor to Scoop Nisker’s Last News Show on KSAN, where he played comic characters like Joe Carcinogenni and the Swami from Miami, who made occasional appearances in our early Videowest shows. Linked In


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Rudy House




mary hunt_edited_edited.jpg

Mary Hunt


I came to VW through a story I saw in either the Marin IJ or the Chronicle. I set up a series of production classes taught by VW faculty and open to the public. Richard Weiss’ snappy rack focus shot through a barbed wire fence caught people’s attention.  I worked at One Pass for a year, then freelanced for various production companies. I married in 1984, had a daughter Corinna, and earned a Master’s in Humanities from SF State. I retired in 2009, and volunteered/took classes at OLLI/edited nonfiction for a literary journal. Since 2017, I’ve been writing for Senior Beat, achieving a life-long dream of getting paid for writing.


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Bruce Johannessen




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Tony Kilbert




sheilah kodimer_edited.jpg

Sheilah Kodimer

Production/Traffic Specialist

I began as an intern under the oh-so-talented Juanita Diana. Assisted in the Traffic Dept and provided info on syndicated shows to media (TV Guides). Worked as a wardrobe stylist and on the advertising sales team. In 1989, I went to Seattle for a business development job, fell in love with the Pacific Northwest, and relinquished my SF “villa” on a hill. Spent the next 20 years in Seattle as a BDM doing things that I had never done before: kayaking, hiking, camping, chasin’ waterfalls in a rainforest. Moved to LA in 2007 to work on a major gift fundraiser for the LA Philharmonic.  Fond memories of Videowest days.



Candace Kollar

Production Assistant

I was a friend of Karen Sharpe and volunteer at VW.  I did really important things like wrapping cables, schlepping gear and hanging out with cool people.  I had a more integral role with a one-hour live public access show, Dance to Your TV, with Dave Smith (good luck Googling that name) – another innovator, right before music videos. Hope to talk about it at the Party. Those were great days and good times in SF. I am now a Commercial Green Building Specialist and run a company dedicated to Sustainability Engagement and Communications. Linked-In.  Twitter.


VW Gil Latimer_edited.jpg

Gil Latimer


As a volunteer in 1979, I passed out Videowest show flyers on Market Street. I rose through the ranks, as it were, from production assistant to receptionist to segment producer. I went on to found a successful digital marketing company, EdgewireMedia and now advocate for medical cannabis as founder of Sonoma Valley Cannabis Group. Learn more.


David Lawrence.jpg

David Lawrence


I was 17 in 1979, listening to punk/new wave and wanting to do TV.  Videowest was fun, cool, with great DIY attitude. I signed up, but didn’t get to do much. I went on to PA Channel 25 where they had me run a camera as soon as I walked in. I worked two shows that got underage me into punk clubs. At Lucasfilm in 1987, I worked on a secret project with Apple/National Geographic Society.  I reconnected with Fabrice, who was at Apple’s Multimedia Lab. Part of our project about inventing the future was the world's first non-linear video system, which my team invented and demoed in this never-before-seen video from 1989. I’m still exploring the future of media and currently work with immersive 360 VR video.  More.



Janine LeBlanc

Graphic Artist

I did graphics for Videowest, mostly fake packages for commercials. The Librarians in Bondage poster. Ai caramba! I continued doing graphics until 1999 when I moved to Raleigh, NC for a graduate degree in Industrial Design. I now work for the Gregg Museum of Art & Design at North Carolina State University.  I’m on Facebook and can be reached at


Louise Ledeen_edited_edited.jpg

Louise Ledeen

Production Assistant

As a production assistant, Videowest was my clubhouse. After leaving Bill Etra, I curated video/computer graphics, art exhibitions and started Diaquest, a computer animation controller company. I remarried, and have a wonderful daughter, Hannah. The next 20+ years in Silicon Valley, I worked on M&E products, workflows and cloud services. My current interests include accelerating cultural and scientific film restoration.


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Joe Lerer aka Budd Stunt


Throughout the 70s, Joe was part of the Improv Wing of SF’s Committee Theater. He played a weatherman in an imaginary helicopter and other bits on KFRC and KSAN radio, also playing those characters on VW. He spent the mid-80s writing and acting in Hollywood, appearing in 30 movies and TV shows with directors Coppola, Howie Deutch, Arthur Hiller, and Alan Parker, and selling scripts for two features that were never produced. The 90’s found him back in SF where he still lives, helping digital startup companies grow, and currently performing monthly as a comedian and singer with Bread and Roses.


julie marsh_edited_edited.png

Julie Marsh


I stumbled on Videowest after reading What Color Is Your Parachute and realizing that I was born to be a video producer! Helped produce the video on Reggae with Mike first...had a blast! Went to NYC and discovered Corporate Video, first job was at Fed Ex...then a 30 year career making videos, on-line games and learning in the Bay Area...married Paul Drexler, had identical twin girls, now a metal artist at the maker space called the Box Shop! 


Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at

B.J. McAllister Martin


BJ McAllister worked at Videowest in 1979-81, as talent in music videos and comic segments, and as producer/director of “The Beauty Show,” the Emmy-nominated VW exposé of the SF beauty business.  After VW, she produced live fashion events, design-award ceremonies and videos, and fashion video catalogs. After beginning a family, she produced fundraisers for her sons’ schools, and founded a women’s choral group in Marin, where her best times are spent singing, reading and growing vegetables with her husband.


Kathy McDonald


I am a Los Angeles-based, freelance entertainment and lifestyle journalist and photographer. Prior to digital journalism and content production, I worked in film marketing and international film distribution. At Videowest, I began as a volunteer and production assistant and moved up to segment producer, contributing dozens of music and lifestyle segments. I can still wrap cables like a pro. Learn more.

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Marty McNiff




bronze a bye_edited_edited.jpg

Terry McNiff


Mother of the Bronze-a-Bye Baby

I discovered Videowest between jobs as Music Research Director for KFRC radio and Producer for KYA. I mostly worked (78-82) on the sidelines helping the crew and being the in-house photographer thanks to Mike Feeney and Rich Weiss who turned a bathroom into a darkroom. Since then, I’ve worked with the former head of Arbitron, AGB Television (a European ratings company) and as a Regional Manager for AMC Networks. I now work for Beta Research on Long Island producing seven annual syndicated studies purchased by cable networks, and I also moderate focus groups.


Evelyn Messinger Fabrice Florin_edited_e

Evelyn Messinger


Evelyn Messinger says she was the "best editor" during the early years of Videowest. President of the nonprofit InterAct, she is a television and Internet producer who has worked for PBS, CBS News, the BBC, CNN and other news outlets. She produced the Link TV series Global Pulse, the interactive election series Digital Citizen 2012 and the Webby Award-winning news literacy interactive website KnowTheNews. Evelyn is currently producing the web video series on climate change and energy innovation, This Planet.

betsy miller.jpg

Betsy Miller


I answered the phones at the VW Battery Street office in the early days, edited with Evelyn, kept track of everyone, stayed long hours, filched used tape from KPIX out of the dumpster, ate barely edible bar food from next door, sat on the editorial board, co-produced theme shows, helped produce remote shoots, drove shows up San Bruno Mountain in the fog seconds before air time, interviewed Joseph Campbell, absorbed the vibe, helped with the move to Harrison Street, and had the privilege of meeting and working with amazing, creative individuals.

moody 2_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Peter Moody


I was the first intern at Videowest, where I produced several videos and was a production assistant on many more. I have been a location scout for over twenty years working on many feature films and TV shows including Matrix Reloaded, Blue Jasmine, Bumblebee and the Netflix shows The OA Season Two and 13 Reasons Why. I also directed the Camper Van Beethoven music video, Take The Skinheads Bowling and a happy hour length docudramedy on the Martini called Olive or Twist that played at film festivals across the country.



Timothy Mundorff

Project Manager

Introduced to Videowest in 1982 by Art Fryer, I worked under Wes Dorman in tech support until he left (handed the baton while tarring the roof on a Saturday). Worked up until the demise in ’84. Currently managing media and entertainment systems projects all over the US from my home in Fremont.


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